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By Pilar Owens



September 21, 2018

by Pilar Owens, TALON

Remember Interim Bloomfield Police Chief Randon Matthews’ TOGETHER plan? Bloomfield Police Department (BPD) has started another part of the plan.

Called the #9PMROUTINE, it’s a post on BPD’s Facebook page which reminds people to lock their cars, doors, and windows. “It’s part of galvanizing our community not to be easy targets,” said Matthews. A September 4 press release from BPD says Florida’s Pasco County Sheriff’s Office started the practice last year and, “...Pasco County has seen a 36% reduction in auto burglaries...Bloomfield Police Department hopes to experience similar results.”

While it’s called the “9pm routine” Matthews said it could be the 8pm or 7pm routine, depending on when you go to bed. “We want it to become a habit for people just like brushing your teeth.”


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