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By Pilar Owens


School Resource Officers Co-Funded by City of Aztec


September 21, 2018

School Resource Officer Ryan Peele with AHS students on break.

by Pilar Owens, TALON

Since last December's tragic incident, the district has wanted the high school to have its own School Resource Officer (SRO). Aztec Police Department (APD) Lt. Joe Gonzales confirmed that all Aztec schools share SRO John Welch, and APD has an additional officer at the high school, but it's a different officer every day. Lt. Gonzales said SROs have a variety of duties at the schools including patrols and counseling.

The district asked the city to pay for an APD officer to serve only the high school. At first the city said no because of budget issues.

But on the September 11 City Commission Meeting's Consent Agenda is item G: Aztec School District SRO Agreement. The commissioners approved the agreement, which is actually two separate but similar agreements. In the first, the city and the district agree to split the cost of the shared SRO's wages. In the second, the city and district will split the cost of the wages for the officer assigned to the high school. The agreement guarantees that Aztec schools will still have both the shared SRO and an officer assigned to AHS daily.

"We feel very blessed to get that done," said Carpenter about the agreement.


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