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By James Evilsizer
Special to TALON 

City of Aztec Commission, 09.11.18


September 14, 2018

City of Aztec Commission, 09.11.18

by James Evilsizer, Special to TALON

The City Comission Meeting began with presentation by Jim Glover about the Outdoor Recreation Industry (ORI). Mr. Glover stated that ORI offered the community a variety of options to the oil and gas industry. Mr. Glover said that ORI could provide sporting good sales, equiment rentals, land use development, and medical services.

The commission proclaimed the week Sept. 19-23 to be Constitution Week, announced the openings of the 505 Brewery and Pizza Store and a new Barbershop, and that a new City attorney named Nicki Unsinger had been hired.

The commission stated that Meeitng Minutes from Aug. 28 had been approved, the Library Services and the Senior Citizens Services Agreements with the County had been approved, the resolution adopting the 2019-2023 Infrastructure Capitol Improvement Plan for the Senior Center was approved, the resolution authorizing the City of Aztec Capitol Asset Inventory was approved, and the East Aztec Arterial Funding Argeement had been suspended.

The commission approved Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) for the Aztec Municipal School District Resource Officer and the Aztec High School Officer.

The commission approved the Final Adoption of Ordinance 2018-482 Municipal Gross Receipts Tax, an ordinance amending Chapter 27, Article 1. The commissioners stated that no mismanagement had occured.

The commissioners held four land use hearings. A variance to reduce the demensional standards and setback requirements in the R-2 residential single-family zoning district, a variance to exceed the height requirements of 12-feet for the storage of a recreational vehicle carport and to build an accessory structure in a vacant lot abbuting the residence at 705 Little Rabbit Drive, a zone change request a R-1 single-family residential Zoning District to an A-1 Agriculture or Rural Zoning District, and a Conditional Use Permit to allow a boat in the setback yard area were approved.

Reports by City Manager Muellar, the commissioners, and City Attorney Unsinger were heard.

The meeting was adjourned at 9pm.


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