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By Leanne Hathcock
Special to TALON 



September 14, 2018

Aztec UFO Art Contest Entry Adult Category 1st Place Winner 2001, David F.Archibeque Jr., Bloomfield NM


By Leanne Hathcock, Special to TALON

​I thought this dialogue over when I quit my job as Director of the Aztec Public Library and moved out of state years ago. What dialog am I referring to? I am guilty as charged, as it was I who drug the sleepy town of Aztec, NM, into the, dare I say, 21st C? Space, the Final Frontier? No, the Next Frontier; many say, as we prepare ourselves to take a proper place in the Cosmos. Are we ready? More importantly, are our children ready? All important questions we should be asking as we find ourselves hurtling into the future unfolding at "the speed of light".

​The dialog I am referring to is the "UFO Crash at Aztec"...yup I said it! The incident alledgedly occuring in Mar 1948. And I was contacted yet again, by another production crew coming to the area to film a media production regarding this story. While living out of the area, my standard response was for them to contact others in the Aztec area that have spent time and money researching this topic. The only reason I even considered talking to them when approached was, I was back in the area and had some time on my hands, and they asked.

​The question to ask is why is there still interest in this alleged incident even though there hasn't been an Friends of the Aztec Library (FOL) sponsored UFO Crash at Aztec Symposium for many years. Apparently there is, as this film production crew, in their sleuthing pre-production mode, scoured the area looking for the resident expert to add insight into this topic. This is to be the subject of an episode they are filming for a series entitled "Beyond Roswell"; and they came up with me.

​True confession...I did not choose to open this dialogue, rather it chose me. When I was hired as the new Aztec Library Director, it was made known to me that the City had a Family Center in the planning stages, to include a new library facility and that it would be my responsibility to "drive the funding". This was something I knew nothing about. It just so happened that the year was 1997 and Roswell had just made it's big splash on the mainstream stage with it's 50th Commemoration of the infamous UFO Crash, which drew an estimated crowd of 50,000 and started a whole new cottage industry that opened the door to world wide awareness of this topic. Curiosity seekers from all over the country had been coming by the Library looking for information so I decided to open the dialog as a Symposium fund raiser for the new Library. After putting out a Press Release, my first interview requests were with a radio station out of Johannesburg, South Africa ,CBS radio NYC and Associated Press from Washington DC. I have often said that I went fishing for the first time and hooked a whale and there are others still fishing. If you are interested in joining this dialogue emerging yet again, please send an email to: [email protected] to receive updates or join a discussion group. Please be sure to include your contact information. This is your Flight Attendant speaking...welcome aboard and fasten your seat belts, ...we are lifting off.`


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