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By Jacque Ritchie



September 14, 2018

Teens Arrested on Child Abuse

By Jacque Ritchie, TALON

Photos by SJCo. Detention Ctr.

After posting shocking videos on Snapchat two Aztec teens are facing felony charges in connection with multiple incidents of alleged child abuse against a special needs child. Lindsey Lee Moss and Dallas Shaylynn Baron both 19, are accused of coercing nine-year-old Bricen Greenhaus into inhaling marijuana from a water-pipe (bong) while they were babysitting him. Another disturbing video recorded the teens laughing as Moss allegedly threw an empty five-gallon water bottle at Bricen striking him in the head knocking him violently backward causing his head to hit a table and the wall.

On June 22, Aztec Police Department recieved a complaint from Bricen's father, Joshua Greenhaus. Moss was served with an arrest warrant and taken into custody on June 23. Moss was charged with two counts of Felony Child Abuse (that did not result in death or great bodily harm, 3rd degree) and one count of felony Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (4th degree). Moss served five days in San Juan County Detention Center and was released on a $2,500 bond that required ten percent to be paid to the court.

Baron was taken into custody on June 24, charged with two counts of felony Child Abuse (that did not result in death or great bodily harm, 3rd degree). Baron served four days and was released on her own recognizance on June 28.

According to a July 9, 2018 APD incident report more videos of further abuse may exist. The teens electronic devices have been confiscated and the matter is under further investigation. Reportedly, the incidents occurred in 2017, but were not reported to police until June 2018 when a former friend of Moss and Baron, "didn't feel right keeping it a secret anymore" and reported the videos to Bricen's parents.

Bricen's mom, Amanda Greenhaus age 28, works as a server at a popular Farmington eatery. Bricens dad, Josh Greenhaus 29, explained that Bricen is non-verbal and was unable to communicate the alleged abuses. An oilfield truck mechanic, Greenhaus, told TALON in a recent telephone interview, seeing the videos for the first time was a total shock, "What made them do this is totally beyond me...At first we were just really hurt... Lyndsey was the girlfriend of my best friend, so we totally trusted her. Besides that she was pregnant at the time this happened. We never ever would have suspected anything like this was happening. It was a complete shock, Bricen's mother and I were completely blown away. Now I'm just angry."

Reportedly, against the advice of San Juan County Assistant District Attorney Ashley Londy, Greenhaus posted the videos of the alleged abuse via FB saying, "This is not an easy thing to do simply because I can't stand to see this but it's stuck on replay in my mind...I can't sit back and let this thing be swept under the rug any longer." Greenhaus explained to TALON that, "It seemed that nothing was being done, they were not telling us about hearings and we specifically asked to be informed about every hearing, no matter what it was about, and that was not happening...we didn't even get a victim's advocate assigned to us until recently and then they were already talking about a plea deal. I said, 'No way! That's not gonna happen.'"

Lindsey Moss is the daughter of Lee Moss of Moss Excavation, Flora Vista. A Moss family source told TALON the family is, "Completely devastated by this...a young person's bad choices have affected us all! The phone calls, the notorietry... it's been just awful. The rest of us had nothing to do with it and it's affecting us...but I guess next week a war or some other disaster will happen to divert people's attention and it will all go away."

Since going public with the child abuse allegations, Greenhaus has been overwhelmed by the response, "It's been incredible people have reached out to us from all over the world from Liverpool England, the U.K. and New Zealand!" According to Greenhaus local and state response has also been huge. "We are now getting the response we want."

Greenhaus said, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas has offered his support. Raised by a single mother, Balderas is reportedly the first person from Wagon Mound to graduate from law school. Balderas went on to serve on NM House of Representatives and was elected in 2014 as New Mexico's 31st Attorney General. Balderas has been famously involved in many high profile child abuse and domestic violence cases during his career. Balderas is also the father of three including a daughter with Down syndrome.

In a statement released exclusively to TALON, David Carl press secretary for the Office of the Attorney General wrote; "The 11th Judicial District Attorney has accepted our offer to co-prosecute. The New Mexico Office of the Attorney General looks forward to partnering with the district attorney in seeking justice in this case."

Bricen's dad wanted to express thanks to their many supporters, "I just want to say from the bottom of my heart on behalf of Bricen's family we thank each and every one of you for the support as we fight for justice. This won't be an easy road but justice will be served."

Greenhaus is starting a social media movement by establishing, #justiceforbricen and #bricensvoice. These pages are focused on raising awareness about the need for more special-ed teachers to our area, "Bricen's voice is a page dedicated to kids like Bricen. To give them a voice. We need specialized training for these kids, from good qualified teachers, so they can learn how to communicate with us better." Greenhaus is not asking for monetary help, "All we are asking is for everybody to stand up and give voice to the voiceless."


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