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By Brenda Landdeck


Fire Department Remembers 911


September 14, 2018


Fire Department Remembers 911

Photos and Story by Brenda Landdeck, TALON


Bloomfield Fire Department honors all the real heroes of 911 who sacrificed everything with a respectful Flag Memorial in front of the Fire Station annually on September 11th. All 343 Firefighters, 23 Law Enforcement, 37 Port Authority and 15 EMS Personal who lost their lives that terrible day the Twin Towers fell in NYC have their name and photograph on an American Flag. Each incredible human being who raced to danger to help others and gave their life along with 2,537 innocent civilians are remembered with dignity and respect. Writer wonders how many the heroes personally saved 17 years ago before perishing, perhaps hundreds or thousands? Hero's should be remembered for their sacrifice, seeing the faces with the names is emotional, yet a very beautiful tribute to see them as people doing a job they loved doing. We Will Never Forget. Thank You Bloomfield Fire Department, that was a stunning tribute.


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