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September 7, 2018


I would like to begin this latest column by taking a moment to honor two great men, one that is well known on the world stage, Senator John McCain, and one well known at a more personal and local level, Dale Anderson. Both men, in their own fashion, served their communities and nation proudly for decades, and while we mourn their passing as a nation and a local Aztec community, may we also remember them fondly and celebrate their accomplishments and impact on the lives and communities in which they served. Rest in Peace gentlemen, Godspeed to you both.

Hopefully, folks are taking note of some wonderful things going on in our historic downtown over the past several weeks. The soon to be open 550 Brewing and Pizza Parlor on Main St. (the old Sunshine Bakery location) brings an exciting new place to enjoy with friends and family. There’s a new barbershop opening soon just off of Main Ave. on Chaco St. and the great mural on the former Ramsey Realty building and in front of the Lil’ Aztec Flower shop also on Chaco St.

Recently, your Aztec City Commission voted to move forward with a proposed increase in GRT (Gross Receipts Tax), or sales tax of .25%. From my perspective on this topic, it was an important and much needed opportunity to tap into a source of revenue for our city. Gross receipt taxes saw its last increase in 2003. The increase equates to an increase of $0.25 for every $100.00 spent, and conservative estimates project an additional revenue stream of approximately a quarter of a million dollars for the city’s general fund. I believe this was the right decision for the long term health and benefit of our city as we begin looking to consider projects for the improvement of our downtown economy.

As always I welcome input from you, our most valuable asset, regarding anything related to our beloved city, and I encourage you to submit public comment, attend the City Commission meetings (every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 pm), join me at 550 Brewery (3rd Wednesday at 6 pm), or contact me or any of the other Commissioners or staff via the contact information on the Aztec city website. Thank you for all you do to make Aztec the coolest little city in the Four Corners.

Aztec Mayor Victor Snover, (304)550-7099, [email protected]


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