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September 7, 2018

This week, I’d like to extend my thanks to our sponsors, TALON staff, and the county’s 1st responders for the support of our special publication honoring their work. Big thanks to the TALON team for burning the midnight oil and capturing these brave community stories. Our freshman effort to honor these key players was a success and we are considering additional special publications in the future.

It’s ironic then that this week on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday evening, my family experienced first hand the bravery, and professionalism of our Aztec 1st responders.

I had gone to talk with a neighboring business when I heard a noise similar to rushing water coming from the alley behind our home in Aztec. On investigation, the noise turned out to be from a broken gas meter that had been hit by a motorist. The smell of utility gas was strong!

I dialed 911, and evacuated the family to safer quarters. Within minutes, Aztec Policeman Lt. Blake was on the scene. With the use of a special tool, Officer Blake shut off the gas to the meter, avoiding what could have been a very ugly bit of news.

A few moments later Aztec Fire Department and New Mexico Gas arrived on the scene. NM Gas removed the broken meter, and replaced it, bringing our neighbor’s gas online within the hour.

Special Thanks to the San Juan County 911Dispatch, Aztec Police Department, Aztec Fire Department, and New Mexico Gas for their professionalism and speedy response!



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