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By Kirk Antonio
Special to TALON 

Y.A.F.L Football. Aztec Tigers vs. Durango Demons. Saturday 8/25/2018


August 31, 2018

Y.A.F.L Football. Aztec Tigers vs. Durango Demons. Saturday 8/25/2018

by Kirk Antonio, Special to TALON

FINAL: 19-0

Aztec (0-1)

Durango (1-0)

We start this fine day of YAFL football at a comfortable 75 degrees. Yup ...Durango Colorado. Our Aztec Tigers playing the Durango Demons. Summer football commraderie is in the air. Kickoff, three minutes into the game, # 1 Maliq Rodriquiz ran about half the football field- from the 35 yard line for the first touchdown of the game. 6-0. Now the players on both sides were acclimating and getting a sense of the gridiron. As the second quarter was reaching its boiling point, Jarrod Lopez quarterback runs the ball in for the second touchdown. 12-0. So far the game was back and forth very gritty. Numerous players were hurt but not seriously injured on both sides. Coaches hurriedly yelling what seemed to be very important instructions... judging from facial expressions and flailing arms. Game was getting serious. The crowd already vivid. Third quarter starts off with running plays. The long stretch plays taking its toll with more players on both sides suffering injuries. As the third quarter wound down at 6:52 seconds, the third and final touchdown by the Durango Demons was executed. 19-0. The Aztec Tigers answer with an exciting 18 yard return, followed by a 15 yard run. The game still going back and forth, mainly around midfield. More injuries. The last play at 1:47 seconds ended. The players clearly showed heart and soul during the enduring contest. Parents cheered and were thrilled and proud of their players. Hurt players and all, none of which were significant. Everyone walked off the field...it was a good game. YAFL football.


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