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By Kirk Antonio
Special to TALON 

YAFL Football (5th grade) Saturday August 25th,2018


August 31, 2018

By Kirk Antonio, Special to TALON

FINAL 33-0

Aztec (1-0)

Bloomfield (0-1)

If you’re from or familiar to the area ...you know Bloomfield-especially around 2pm can be a tad hot! Orange, gray, and black. Folks, The Aztec Tigers lookin’ sharp and yes word of their little brothers loss to the Durango Demons had reached them....yup. Big brother heard and is well aware that little brother was picked on. Practice began with shouts and snarls. A huge clatter of what seemed to be “BANGS” of shoulder pads slamming into each other arose over the air. A sea of orange and blue colors. Touchdown 6-0. Aztec with its first score first quarter. SLAM!!!! Defense is well...Defense Coaches hurtling very sacred instructions only their players knew were sent and received. The Bobcats stepped up only to find a very Defiant Defense. Another touchdown 12-0. A long day for the Bobcats was well underway. The petite Bloomfield YAFL field was gaining points in decibals. Halftime. Both teams boxer-like go to their respective corners. Players were hurt but no significant injuries. Third quarter starts and we are underway again. Bobcat fans are now very sincere as they cheered their team, after some near misses and hits. Touchdown.Touchdown. And touchdown. Game winding down and taking its full course, the Aztec Tigers now sit very confident and comfortable with a five TD lead. Yes folks... 33-0. Taner Olguin leads the Tigers with three TD’s followed by Camron Mcneil and Kaleb Hutchins with a touchdown apiece. These 5th graders spoke very loudly by the old acroynm...action not words. Mainly shouting, tackling, and scoring. A fine game. 


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