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By Roxanna Hughes

Aztec City Commission Meeting, 8/28/18


August 31, 2018

by Roxanna Hughes, TALON

The August 28, 2018 Aztec City Commission Meeting began with a moment of silence and recognition of Aztec citizen and businessman Dale Anderson, who passed away suddenly on August 16th. Dale Anderson was a kind man and made many contributions to the City of Aztec; he will be truly missed. The loss of Senator John McCain was also mentioned with Mayor Snover reading his farewell statement to the audience.

The commission approved the adoption of the 2020-2024 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP). According to the Staff Summary report, “A local infrastructure capital improvement plan is a plan that establishes planning priorities for anticipated capital projects. The need for this kind of planning has reached critical proportions in New Mexico, where local governments are faced with pressing demands for multiple capital improvements and limited funding to support them. The state-coordinated ICIP process encourages entities to plan for the development of capital improvements so that they do not find themselves in emergency situations, but can plan, fund, and develop infrastructure at a pace that sustains their activities. The five items submitted for the 2020-2024 ICIP with dollar amounts not yet funded are: East Aztec Arterial – $3,500,000, Water Reservoir 1 Improvements - $2,000,000, North Main Avenue Extension - $2,464,000, Flood Hazard Mitigation - $2,000,000 and Treated Water Tank Replacement - $825,000. The due date for this ICIP submission to the state is September 4, 2018.”

Final adoption of the amendment of the Municipal Motor Vehicle Operation Fees Ordinance was approved. The Motor Vehicle Administrative Fees will increase by $1.00 from $5.00 to $6.00, except for VIN Inspections and Road Tests which will increase from $5.00 to $10.00. Commissioner Randall asked, “Why are all of the administrative fees paid in cash instead of check or credit/debit card?” Motor Vehicle Director Delain George answered, “We do not allow citizens to pay with checks because if the check is returned, the city has to pay the returned check fee assessed from the bank. We do not offer the option of credit/debit as the city has to pay a $2.00 processing fee for each credit/debit card processed. This would also require the citizen to have their card swiped twice on two different machines, once for the state fee and once for the city fee.”

The commissioners approved the final adoption of the amendment to the ordinance for Community Development Fees. The amendment will increase any Land Use Fees where a land use application is required to be published. There will be an increase of fees to $250.00 to change of district/zone requests, special use requests, conditional use requests, and variance requests. Currently, Community Development charges $50.00 for all zone changes, conditional uses, special uses, and variance requests, plus an additional $10.00 for administrative fees. The zoning application fees in the City of Farmington range from $300 to $500 and the City of Durango fee for a rezone or conditional use request is $750.00. The City of Aztec's zoning applications fee is significantly lower than neighboring cities.

Commissioners gave their final approval for the Aztec Theater & Center for Music & Arts, Inc. Club Liquor License and Wavier. According to the Staff Summary Report, “On July 24, 2018, the Aztec City Commission approved a waiver for a new liquor license for Aztec Theater & Center for Music & Arts, Inc. located at 104 N Main. The location is within 300 feet of a church. On August 9, 2018, the City of Aztec, received a letter from the New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division (NMAGD) requiring a hearing be held for the Club license for Aztec Theater & Center for Music & Arts, Inc. After a few conversations with NMAGD letting them know a hearing had already taken place, the hearing officer for the application determined we needed to hold another hearing specific for the ‘CLUB’ license.”

Mayor Snover acknowledged the “flurry of activity on main street with the Aztec Strong mural, sprucing up of some of the buildings, the Tiki Snack Hut opening, new barber shop opening soon on Chaco, and the 550 Brewing and Pizza Parlor opening soon. Despite the economy and tough summer with the drought, we are heading in the right direction. It’s always good to see positive things happening in Aztec and I appreciate everyone that is out there doing what they can to make a difference.” He also congratulated Aztec High School Principal Dr. Warman Hall for being recognized as the Secondary Schools Principal of the Year in the State of New Mexico and Aztec High School Vice Principal/Athletic Director Bryan Sanders as New Mexico Schools Athletic Director of the Year.


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