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August 24, 2018

Recently, our fine city joined other Tri-City municipalities proposing to increase Sales Tax, as a remedy to falling GRT revenues as reported in our 8/17 TALON.

Its my belief that this is like putting the tail before the dog. The only sustainable solution to falling GRT is to work on increasing business sales. And, this is something the city commission is willing to talk about. But, the city needs sound business ideas to bring that solution to the front.

To the point, it’s not any city’s job to increase business, but instead to create an environment where increased business is attainable. It is our job as business owners and managers to execute ideas to increase our business. It is certainly much more fun to increase sales than to pay more taxes or to charge more to customers.

City of Aztec stakeholders (business and residents) have until September 11th to make your voice known to the commission. Don’t let ‘em kill the goose! Get out there, call, collaborate, knock on doors, make your voice known.

If we all pull together on this, we can guide the city to put the focus where it belongs.

Let’s work together to grow Aztec business, not taxes.


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