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August 24, 2018


by Pilar Owens, TALON

"The Four Corners Home for Children has been around for 65 years. So, today, which is August 18th, right?, August 18th, its the anniversary today, August 18, back in the day, our founder Jack Drake founded Navajo Ministries, and his vision, and his heart and his passion was to provide a home for the Navajo boys and girls that needed to be taken care of, in order to instill hope and restoration, and to teach them eternal truths, because not only did his vision say hey I wanna take care of them while they're here on earth, but I wanna make sure that it pays eternal dividends," said Navajo Ministries President Raymond Dunton in a speech at the banquet that marked the end of the 25th San Juan River Bi-Fly Fishing Tournament. Dunton spoke about a newborn boy who came to them very thin, suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. "He's chubby now! Like a little baby should be, right?...and now he smiles, and it just touches your heart," said Dunton.

Tournament participants spent two days on the San Juan trying to catch the longest fish they can, since they have people sponsoring a specific amount of money for each inch of the longest fish they catch. Guides volunteer their time to lead the anglers.

Walt Taylor has fished in the tournament for 24 years. "This is a way to help the kids doing something I love," said Taylor, who began fly-fishing when he was eight. He heard about the tournament through friends.

MC Leland Harty spoke before dinner. He said that he fly-fished for the first time at the second tournament. For 20 out of 24 years he has done the tournament and plans to do it next year. This year his teammate was Brad Preber, who also mc'd with him.

After dinner was served, Preber spoke, "So one of the things I'm sure you don't know about me is; is I come from a broken home, and I spent the senior year of my last year in high school living with a Native American family. So from my standpoint, this has always been a very special charity to me, because it brings me closer to home and some of the people that I spent a lot of time with when I was a youngster."

Entrance fees, corporate and individual donations, raffles, auctions, per inch sponsorships, and a $25,000 matching donation, all from the tournament, netted around $112,000 for the FCHC.

Before announcing the winners, tournament coordinator Bob Fitz named long-time participant Lisa Chavez as next year's coordinator.

2018 Winners:

1st: Midge Masters, Leland Harty and Brad Preber; 669

2nd: Eye Guys Classic Eyewear, Ben and Bo Herrera; 651

3rd: San Juan Worms, Clenton and Tadd Quiller; 573

4th: Eye Guys II Classic Eyewear, Leo and Leonard Sanchez; 540

5th: Moss Gathers, Doug Ahlgrim and Conrad Schneider; 514


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