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By Pilar Owens



August 24, 2018


Photo and story by Pilar Owens, TALON

"It was the right decision, I was very--I wasn't tired--I wasn't angry--I wasn't old and bitter, you know, like some of those teachers can get--it was just, it was the right time...I wanted to leave when my career was on the top and not on the decline," explained Steve Lanier former AHS teacher and coach. Despite earlier thoughts of staying away from Aztec after high school graduation, Lanier accepted a job teaching history and coaching football and track at AHS after he graduated from NMSU. "I have no regrets though," he said. Lanier stayed with AHS for almost 30 years and has been pleased to see some of his former athletes and students return to AHS to teach and coach. His favorite kids have been the ones who show work ethic, accomplishment, and improvement; his favorite sport to coach has been cross country running.

Lanier plans to be active during his retirement--after he takes a six month break and catches up on home maintance.

Explaining his quiet exit from teaching and coaching, Lanier said, "I just wanted to go out with no parties, with no...just kinda wanted to ride off into the sunset."


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