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August 24, 2018


Founders Day-September 10

Aztec was incorporated into a township on September 13, 1890. For the last ten years, Aztec has celebratedthat event on the second Saturday in September and called it Founder’s Day. A confidential source reported to the Musuem that Buffalo Bill and the Indian Princess will make an appearance at Foumder’s Day this year.

SEPTEMBER 1-15, 1998

Aztec treasures wins it all at the fair

June Frame, 85 years young, won ribbons on every entry she took to the fair! All ribbons were blue, except one red, and two Best of Fair medallions. One Medallion was for her crunchy dill pickles and the other Best of Fair is for her currant jelly. How many of you have ever picked currants? They are only slightly larger than a kernal of cooked rice. Way to go, June!

Ideas that work

When bar soap gets too small to hold easily, save it. When you have several pieces, whirl them in the blender with a little waterto make an organic bug spray for the garden or pet shampoo.

SEPTEMBER 16-30, 2003

Park Ave. News

One of the best ways to help your child be successful in school is to establish routines. The school day itself is based on predicable daily routines. Times for breakfast,bed, stidy and play should also follow a consistant routine.When children know what is expected ( and when it is expected) it is easier for them to be a success.

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