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August 24, 2018


Playing to a welcoming crowd Tuesday night was local musician Thomas Hinds, who is working to support his new EP "Barbwire Bouquet". The bouquet on this record is sweet, supporting six originals by Hinds, the tasty production by Eagle Sound in Durango produced a winner for Hinds fans. Thomas continues his style of earthy, personal lyrics coupled with stylish acoustic licks, that have made his name widely known in the Southwest.

The Tuesday crowd certainly enjoyed Thomas' show as the applause indicated. Check out the new release Barbwire Bouquet and keep up with Tom at http://www.cdbaby.com ; amazon.com ; reverbnation.com and other respected outlets. If you missed Tom this time, mark your calendar for September 22, 2018, when he returns to 550's tasting room on Chuska in Aztec.

Much appreciation is due 550 Brewing's owners Mike and Sean Paschall. 550, a genuine locally owned brewery in Aztec, opened the tasting room on Chuska just a little over 2 years past, and are steadily growing.

They have stepped out of the "hunker down and wait" mentality common among many local businesses and instead promote and market across media using both typical and unusual ideas. Sometimes the ideas may look a little goofy, like "Beer Yoga", but with consistent advertising they have begun to pay off for 550. During this time 550 has brought in regular local music for patrons to enjoy with 550's tasty brews. Thanks 550!

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