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August 17, 2018

Fact: If you’re business or group advertising plan is social media, not “everybody” will get what you publish.

Take that for what it is, social ads carry the same caveats as “regular” advertising. That is, not every TALON reader wants or needs what your business offers in your advertising. That seems clear enough. But the point of ads is to be in front of potential clients with an attractive offer, on a regular, ongoing basis. Eventually, the aim is to make an offer that nets new clients. New clients must be developed into return clients for most business models to pay. When you plan your business ads for the quarter, or year, bear that in mind.

Your offer should be presented to the most potential clients possible, and be attractive enough to bring attention. Also, bear in mind, that social media won’t be sending a reporter to do any stories on your business, your sports team, or your local government meetings. When you place ad dollars with TALON, those stories are the outcome. And you get the benefits of advertising your business. TALON advertising, still the best bargain going.



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