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By Brenda Landdeck



August 17, 2018

Big Dipper and Great Kiva from Aztec Ruins National Monument

Photos and Story

by Brenda Landdeck, TALON

The Perseids Meteor Shower at Aztec Ruins was spectacular under the clear night sky with a couple hundred people attending the free event Saturday night August 11th. A few stars did fall across the sky and excited the crowd. Park Ranger Andy Bleckinger gave a series of educational talks informing everyone of how comets are composed like a scientist with smoking dry ice. He pointed out where the various stars are in the sky with a laser pointer as visitors laid on the ground on thick blankets or relaxed in lawn chairs in the plaza by the Great Kiva. He was kind enough to lead about 50 visitors to the north west section of the ruins and share more of his incredible knowledge of how the ruins lines up perfectly with the sun and the importance of the keen astrological observation skills the people who built this site possessed. Telescopes were also on hand for a closer peek above. The best was saved for last as Ranger Andy told the stories of the stars of the various Native American Tribes who inhabited this land long ago, with those same stars so clear above our heads. It was cool! Thank You Aztec Ruins National Park for a lovely evening for the entire family under the stars! Aztec Ruins is beautiful at night, especially with shooting stars.


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