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August 17, 2018


I’ve thought a lot about what a family is-- A heart sorrows once it’s missed. Fade or grow, one must know this; once gone, nothing can fill the sadness. Sure, family fills one’s heart,

with joy, happiness and pleasure;

it’s the problems and the heartaches, that let you know you matter!

No lone member makes a family.

No family member is alone. Togetherness and love is key,

for kindness makes a home.

A family, great or dismayed,

can survive challenging times.

Hug family often and display,

a loving heart that’s true and kind. Help one another,

we all make mistakes--

One day you’ll look back and laugh about it. Grandiose for a moment, now petty in life’s wake. No matter what it takes,

don’t ever let family quit.

Family, friends and knowledge,

are all we take from this life.

Treat family with respect and forgiveness, especially during times of strife.

What is a family?

Family is the best,

worst times of one’s life.

Treat them carefully.

Nurture them daily.

A family without love around it,

is a solemn, sad cacophony,

and I truly doubt, you doubt, you doubt it!

A poem by Gregory Owen Thomas

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