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August 10, 2018

TALON wishes to thank the many supporters who have stepped up to help us meet our budget goals for this year. We still have quite a way to go to offset the damage which 32% federal taxes is doing to our business, but the work is progressing steadily. We offer digital, social, and print advertising, classified and subscriptions as well as other ways to support TALON’s mission of local news.

In the meantime, TALON is working on a new emailed version of TALON for our readership. Our hope is that this effort will give our readers the option of a weekly TALON arriving in your email fresh on Friday morning each week. This effort will also offer expanded marketing opportunities for your organization.

After a couple of false starts this week, we learned that our web server requires some updating to bring it in line, and so will be pushing the launch date out. We are back at the drawing board until that is completed.

Thank you to those readers who have responded and helped us debug the system.


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