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August 10, 2018

left to right.David Archuleta, Athean Saunders, Larry Cordova, Joey Trevino and Alex Jones. PHOTO-L.Bailey-TALON

By TALON Staff

Aztec produces regionally and nationally recognized Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters at Zia Fight Club (ZFC). This new business' early summer Grand Opening celebration may have gone unnoticed by many, but their facility located at 410 S. Park Ave. is pretty amazing! Head Coaches Sterling Bryant and Larry Cordova admit, "One of the nicest [facilities] we've been in". Partners Carmen, Don Sheets, Cordova and Bryant work together to offer training that prepares students for competitive fights. Cordova and Bryant are former students of Master Kauvaka (Sika Kauvaka) and wanted his work to continue after he passed away in 2015.

Cordova began training at about age 10, his older brother got him into it and was actually Bryant's first striking coach. Larry shares that because of his brother's influence he, "kind of fell into it, and fell in love with it". Now Cordova's 13-year-old son is training. Bryant trained in boxing and Taekwondo as a kid. After getting into some trouble he began training with Sika and discovered he could re-channel that energy. Bryant said he was amazed, "(It) changed my life. You get it out here, on the mat- so you're not out in the streets looking for it". The coaches agree that training develops self-discipline and confidence.

Training for competitions and cage fighting is not for everyone, and the coaches want to ensure that their students will do well and not get hurt before they participate in those activities. However, there is a wide variety of classes and training available- including a women's non-contact cardio kickboxing and children's self-defense class. Classes are available to children beginning approximately age six to eight, and as far as how old is too old? Cordova says, "You just need to be able to walk in the door". The classes are a good work out and can be a stress reliever. Visitors are encouraged, and new students are given two free classes. These opportunities allow students to ensure they are comfortable with their training partners. Zia Fight Club's phone number is 505.636.2050.

There is an upcoming event that will feature some of the professional fighters trained at ZFC. Chris Leyva and Joey Trevino will be two of the fighters participating in the World Fighting Championship showcasing MMA and kickboxing. It takes place September 1st at the Northern Edge Casino at 7 p.m.


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