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August 3, 2018

In the past two years just over 1 billion fake Facebook (Fb) accounts (over 50%) were closed. This week Fb has closed more fake accounts involved in “coordinated” efforts to influence upcoming Mid-term elections.

Shareholders and investors reacted as shares took a hit dropping $120 Billion in value nearly overnight. Whatever your personal view or preferences, bear in mind, this widget could head the way of friendster, myspace, connectu, ping, surfbook, and many others without much warning.

While the “free” advertising offered by these sites can be very appealing to business owners, and startups, we have to ask the question. Is it really worth the effort to post and manage an account when half the users aren’t human, and are not local consumers who could choose to purchase from your local business?

Recently a local, mature TALON reader shared her story about a lifelong friend who turned up on social media, who later turned out to be a fake-ster. As her story demonstrated, the impact of fake-sters isn’t just a national issue, but hits us right here at home. As your organization plans for spending time and resources chasing “friends”, consider how many of those may turn out to be a robot when you look at your costs to administer that program.

I’ll say it again, when you shop local, and invest your marketing locally in TALON, the return on those dollars goes way beyond the simple advertising value and supporting a local business. Each ad dollar is carefully budgeted to cover the costs of producing that week’s stories. It’s truly a community effort benefiting the county wide community at large.

Interesting statistic, over 90 % of TALON readers do not get local news from Fb or Social media, and are actual citizens, not robots, or fake-sters; citizens with needs and desires, citizens and neighbors who can and will support your business. If you reach out to them on a proven platform, with an offer they want.


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