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August 3, 2018

On Saturday, August 11, Aztec Ruins National Monument will host a “shooting star party” during the Perseid meteor shower. There will be a variety of activities for this late-night event, which is open from 9pm-11pm. This is one of the most popular meteor showers of the year. Meteor rates are difficult to forecast, meteor rates of 40-50/hour are expected with some fireballs possible.

Park Rangers host star gazing and activities in the central plaza of Aztec West. Park Ranger Andy Bleckinger is leading this event, and he says “this is my favorite meteor shower of the year. The earth is passing through the debris trail of a comet, so we’re literally seeing pieces of our solar system streak through our planet’s atmosphere. This is such a special event, and to see it from an ancestral Pueblo great house site will make it even more memorable.”

This is a free family event. Bring items for comfort; a sleeping bag, camp mat, or blanket and pillow. Jackets and a flashlight are recommended.

Peak in meteor activity should occur after 11pm.


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