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By Pilar Owens



August 3, 2018

Mark Stewart Mans The Camera, Rebecca Blackwell Stands By To Direct Mayor Snover, While Saavedra Waits For His Turn On Camera.

Photo and Story by Pilar Owens, TALON

On July 31 at Aztec Ruins, Mark Stewart hooked a microphone to Mayor Victor Snover's shirt and Rebecca Blackwell gave him some ideas on what he could talk about while they filmed him. Off camera, Steven Saavedra, Director of Community Development, waited for his turn to be filmed. Mayor Snover and Saavedra will be featured in an episode of the show called Hometowns and Heroes.

Blackwell and Stewart host and produce the show. They came to Aztec because of the fishing opportunities, and were inspired by local attractions to film a show here.

In the spirit of past episodes, they chose to feature a hero: Mayor Snover; and they chose to feature amenities in the hero's hometown: Aztec Restaurant, Aztec Ruins, Presidential Inn and Suites, and Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village.

Through the show's website http://www.hometownsandheroes.com, locals will be able to watch the show when it airs later this year. Stay tuned to TALON for the dates to be announced.


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