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School season is upon us, and there are many parents and children looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Registration for Elementary students begins July 30 and runs through August 3rd, with Secondary schools registration August 1st and 2nd. Per state law, complete immunizations are required for all students attending. Check last week’s TALON for bell schedules, school calendar, parent teacher conference dates, and other important schools information. It is also posted online.

If you operate a business, it’s time to plan your “Back to School” promotion, get with Pearla or someone else at TALON to line it up.

In other news, it’s been a busy week at City Hall, with two new business establishments applying for and receiving liquor license variances and lease adjustments to enable business growth. Hat’s off to both the Pizza Brewpub and the Aztec Center for Arts and Music for clearing another hurdle on the road to sustainability.

I congratulate both enterprises for these significant investments in Aztec’s future, and wish them the best in the effort to grow business and foot traffic in the Aztec area. As with all TALON advertisers, these new businesses combined advertising and marketing efforts do provide the opportunity to attract new visitors and customers to our town resulting in business growth for the entire community.


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