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By Pilar Owens, TALON

In February the business department of Aztec schools started building the operational budget. They built it according to the New Mexico Public Education Department’s (NMPED) guidelines, and with input from all the area schools and the other departments of Aztec schools. In a special session the Aztec Municipal School Board approved the budget. The Finance Director for Aztec Schools sent the approved budget to the NMPED. In July, Aztec Schools received a letter from NMPED approving the budget on behalf of the Governor.

This year’s budget shrank by $316,171 from last year. Reduced enrollment, State Equalization Guarantee funds, county oil and gas tax receipts, and federal grant money all contributed to the smaller 2018-2019 budget of $23,091,297. Most of the operational budget pays for wages and benefits of employees and for the instruction of students.


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