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By Pilar Owens



By Pilar Owens, TALON

At the July 24 City Commission meeting, the commissioners approved a 45 day discussion period for two proposed revisions to chapter 16 of the City Code Book. The first is Ordinance 2018-480 Amending Chapter 16 Article VII Municipal Motor Vehicle Operation Fees. According to the ordinance’s Staff Summary Report, the administrative fee that accompanies the cost for VIN Inspections and Road Tests would increase to $10, and to $6 for everything else. The fee increase is another step towards MVD’s goal of being financially self-sufficient.

The second ordinance is 2018-481 Amending Chapter 16 Article IX Community Development Fees. According to the ordinance’s Staff Summary Report, a newspaper ad, letters, and signs, made a recent zone change request cost $228.85. Community Development Director Steven Saavedra told the TALON that for that the zone change applicant paid $60, and the city had to use tax dollars to pay the remaining $168.85. Saavedra said the newspaper add, letters, and signs are all necessary costs of the zoning change request process, because they inform potentially affected parties and thus allows them to give input. Increasing the application fee for all zone change requests to $250, as requested in the proposed ordinance, would make the applicant responsible for the cost of notification.

At the August 28 City Commission meeting, the commissioners will either adopt or reject these ordinances, based on what they think and what they’ve heard from the public.


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