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Mayor Snover presented former Aztec High student Eric Sly with a letter of recognition for enlisting into the United States Army. He will be leaving for Fort Brag in August and will be an Eleven-Bravo Infantryman.

Photos and Story by Roxanna Hughes, TALON

The July 24th Aztec Commission meeting began with Mayor Snover presenting former Aztec High student Eric Sly with a letter of recognition for enlisting into the United States Army. He will be leaving for Fort Brag in August and will be an Eleven-Bravo Infantryman.

The Consent Agenda consisted of 14 items; Items I and L were pulled and the other 12 were approved. Some items of interest were Item B: The renewal of the Metropolitan Planning Organization Joint Powers Agreement between the Cities of Aztec, Farmington, Bloomfield, Kirtland and San Juan County. Item C: A letter of support for the Veterans of Foreign Wars POST #614 to the NM Alcohol and Gaming Division for the reinstatement of the BINGO license.

Items K and M were pulled for further discussion. Item K: Approved an amended lease agreement with the 550 Brewing Company at the HUB. The City of Aztec will charge 550 Brewing Company an additional $250.00 in rent per month for sole rights of the outdoor courtyard for the sales, consumption and distribution of beer and wine. The question of how this would affect other tenants who would not be able to utilize the courtyard was answered with, "There are no other tenants at the HUB at this time."

Item M: Approval to place a question on a voting ballot for the allowance of Sunday alcohol sales in the municipality of Aztec. The question arose if we would have to have a special election. The response was that the city clerk's office is still researching but this is just the start of the process and it could possibly be placed on the November ballot with the general election.

Under Regular Business Items, Item A: Intent to Adopt Ordinxance Amending Municipal Motor Vehicle Operation Fees. The administrative fee is a separate fee collected from each person requesting service in connection to the regular fees charged. If approved, the administrative fee for a VIN inspection would increase to $10.00 and all other administrative fees will increase to $6.00, "to generate additional revenue, to help offset expenses and to reduce dependency from the general fund revenues."

Item B: Ordinance Amending Land Use Fees. The Staff Summary Report states, Community Development is seeking an increase of fees to $250.00 to change of district/zone requests, special use requests, conditional use requests, and variance requests. Currently, Community Development charges $50.00 for all zone changes, conditional uses, special uses, and variance requests, plus an additional $10.00 for administrative fees. The zoning application fees in the City of Farmington range from $300 to $500 and the City of Durango fee for a rezone or conditional use request is $750.00. Thus, the City of Aztec's zoning applications fee is significantly lower than neighboring cities.

Item C: Final approval of Adoption of the FY2019 Annual Budget with an amended addition of $61,245 in the General Fund to utilize existing Aztec Police Officers to be scheduled overtime shifts providing an additional school resource officer at the high school. Residents can view detailed information in the June 24th agenda on the City of Aztec website (www.aztecnm.gov).

Item D: FY2019 Funding Applications. The FY19 Adopted Budget includes $50,000, which may be appropriated at the discretion of the City Commission. Three applications were received as of 7/17/18 from the Aztec Boys and Girls Club for their after school and summer camp programs, the Aztec Museum for the Museum Director and the Aztec Ruins National Monument for lecture series. The Boys and Girls Club was awarded $540 and Aztec Ruins $25,000. The Aztec Museum request was tabled for further discussion due to the possibility of the Aztec Visitors Center being moved to the museum.

The city commission approved a liquor license for 550 Brewing Company, LLC., which will be located at 119 N Main Ave in Aztec. The business is within 300 feet of two churches, the Aztec Presbyterian Church and Aztec Methodist Church. The City Of Aztec received a certified letter from the Division of Alcohol & Gaming indicating their preliminary approval for a Small Brewer Liquor License for 550 Brewing Company, LLC. Letters of support from both churches were submitted to the city.

The Alcohol and Gaming Division has also approved a waiver process for alcohol sales in advance of receiving a liquor license application for the Aztec Theater & Center for Music and Arts, Inc., located at 104 N. Main in Aztec. The City Commission also approved of the waiver process. Aztec Theater & Center for Music & Arts, Inc. has stated they have submitted an application for a Club Liquor License. Their location is within 300 feet of two churches (Aztec Presbyterian Church and Aztec Methodist Church). A letter of support from The Aztec Presbyterian Church was submitted to the city.

The commission went into a brief closed session to discuss the City Manager Appointment and Employment Agreement. When the meeting was re-opened, the commission voted unanimously to appoint Steve Mueller as Aztec's City Manager, effective August 1. Mr. Mueller has been with the city for seven years as the Public Works Director and was serving as the Interim City Manager after Joshua Ray left.


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