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By Pilar Owens



Marvin Chapman Poses With His Be-Antlered Jeep, Which TALON Previously Spotted On Main Street .

Photo and Story by Pilar Owens, TALON

"I like to be different from everyone else," said 80 year old Marvin Chapman, referring to the antlers on his Jeep Cherokee. The antlers came from a four point mule deer buck he downed near Pump Mesa in the autumn of '62. Chapman was hunting with his son Troy. They had hiked onto the ridge of a gully, and looking across, they spotted the buck among the cedars. Chapman decided to let his son take the shot, but kept his scope trained on the buck. When Troy missed, Chapman shot the deer. While his son walked beside him carrying the rifles, Chapman rode a trail bike to the kill site, gutted the buck, and sprinkled black pepper in the carcass to repel flies. He tied the carcass to the bike rack with a short length of rope and his belt, and hauled it to camp.

"I made jerky out of quite a bit of it," said Chapman, and the antlers eventually ended up on the hood of his Jeep.

"(My Jeep) gets a lot of attention; it does, but I don't," laughed Chapman.


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