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June 1994

Covered Wagon Odometer

by the Ancient Knight of Aztec

Long Before Henry Ford’s Model T, covered wagons drivers could pretty well determine how far they traveled each day. It is explained like this: Attached to one of the spokes of the rear wheel was a rag, inside the wagon was one of the younger offpsring with a leather bag filled with small stones, and along side, was an empty one. With each counted ten rotations of the wheel, a stone was placed into the empty bag. At the end of the day, the number of stones in the extra bag were counted. ( Here lies a lesson in math for the young recorder.) The total number of stones was multiplied by ten and again by the number of feet in the circumference of the wheel. Next 5280 (number of feet in a mile) was divided into the number of feet traveled in order to approximate the days mileage.

June 1998

The Aliens Landed!

Aliens invaded Aztec on May 23 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the alleged UFO crash landing north of Aztec. Resident aliens in costume paraded on Main Street for judges to see their costumes. First place winners of the costume contests were Helen Riley (91 years old), and her great-grandchildren Matthew and Shannon Burchfield. They recieved a $20 gift certificate from Kokopelli’s Gift Shop. Second place, a $10 gift certificate from Kokopelli’s Gift Shop, went to Debbie Klein; and third place,also a $10 gift certificate, went to Matthew Ringenberg.

June 1-16, 2003

To Grandpa Warren

G good cook

R really fun

A always a friend

N nice guy

D dear to me

P pops popcorn yum

A always loves me

I love you Grandpa Warren- Carli

My Grandpa

My Grandpa and I have a yearly duty to go to Groundhog in Colorado to go fishing. During spring we go up to look at the flowers and catch some big fish. In the summer we go to Groundhog to get away form everyday life. When we go in the summerwe like to take long hikes along the lake and see how the shore fisherman are doing. In fall we sometimes look for elk and deer during the day, and listen to the coyotes at night. I like going to Groundhog with my Grandpa because he is a great friend to have in my life. We will get there soon Grandpa.... love, Craig


Thank God for your life! And returning health. You are dear to us. Groundhog by fall... Love from your Wisconsin Friends!!!

June 1-15 2008

Language Disorder Clinic beginning to take shape

In Partnership with the New Mexico Scottish Rite Foundation, San Juan Masonic Lodge # 25 in Aztec announced earlier this year that they would establish a language disorder clinic in thier lodge building at 1020 N. Highway 550 primarily to treat school children afflicted with dyslexia, the school is scheduled to open in August.

June 1-15, 2018

Governor Susana Martinez reminds New Mexicans about dangers of leaving children in hot vehicles

As temperatures across New Mexico begins to rise, Governor Susana Martinez is urging parents and other adults not to leave children in hot cars. “Every sping and summer, heartbreaking and preventable deaths and injuries happen when children are left alone in hot cars,” said Governor Martinez. “losing even one child to this preventable tragedy is unacceptable. We need to have a unified effort by parents and other adults to look out for young ones who may be in danger when left alone inside a hot car.”

In New Mexico, nine children have died fo heatstroke after being left in cars between 1998-2012. Last August, a 2 year-old boy died in Albuquerque after he was accidentally left in a hot car outside a daycare center by a family member.

An examination of media reports reports about the 559 child vehicular heatstroke deaths nationwide for the thirteen year period (1998-2012)shows the following circumstances: 52%- child “forgotten” by caregiver (288 chilren), 29%- child playing in attended vehicle (163), 18%- child intentionally left in vehicle by adult (100), 1%- circumstances unknown (8).


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