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By Pilar Owens



Cameron Blash, Age 7, Smiles Before He Shows How His Paper Airplane Flies..

Photo and Story by Pilar Owens

Seven year old Cameron Blash, the son of Mariah Kirkpatrick, was inspired about a month ago to make and give paper airplanes. He does it to make people happy. Every day he spends about an hour folding planes to give to peers at the Aztec Boys and Girls Club, family members, friends, and anyone who wants one. Zion Kirkpatrick, Blash's little brother, gets excited when he receives planes from him. Blash looks forward to giving planes to his little sister due in August, and plans to give planes to his mom so she can give them to her customers at Hi-Country in Aztec. TALON is proud to know this inspiring young man.


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