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By Roxanna Hughes
Special to TALON 



by Roxanna Hughes, Special to TALON

During the Citizen’s Input section of the July 10 Aztec Commission Meeting, resident Colby King addressed the commission regarding the recent behavior of Mayor Victor Snover. Mr. King stated, “Following a banter of different opinions on social media between Mayor Snover and myself, the mayor went into my place of business and expressed as the mayor his desire for my termination. I did not have a local supervisor so Mayor Snover then contacted the regional director.” Mr. King continued with “This behavior was very unbecoming of a mayor and that representing himself as the mayor, for a stated outcome, is also unacceptable.”

Mayor Snover told the TALON that he denied both allegations. He did phone the Regional Director to express his dismay with their employee’s behavior on social media, and voiced that this a reflection of his character and the company he works for. He also stated that he was the mayor but was not using his position for influence. Mayor Snover told the TALON “There is no such thing as private social media and people should be very careful about what they post.”

Mayor Snover and Mr. King first had contact at the June 27 Meet Your Mayor, held at 550 Brewing. Mr. King told the mayor that he lived in the Kokopelli Subdivision and asked him what he was going to do about flood mitigation in his neighborhood. The mayor told Mr. King that he was not very informed about the situation but would do some studying to find out more.

The next encounter between them was after Mayor Snover posted on social media a picture of himself at the June 30 Families Belong Together rally in front of the Farmington Museum. He stated he was “Proud to stand in solidarity with my fellow brothers and sisters against the harmful polices of Trump.” Mr. King responded to the post by calling the mayor a “dumbass” and attached a hashtag referencing an indecent term for the appearance of women wearing extremely tight pants. He went on to chastise the mayor saying, “Aztec is dealing with major problems…and you choose to spend your time protesting an issue that you and I can’t control.” Mayor Snover responded with, “ We can make a difference and it’s why I do show up for protests like the one today…to try if even in a small way to give voices to those that are pushed into the fringes and margins.” After further razzing, Mayor Snover asked that Mr. King move on and if he would like to talk with him further, “I have official contact information on the city website that you’re welcome to use.”

Mr. King is employed by Wells Fargo, Farmington as a Financial Advisor. TALON contacted Mr. King for comment, and Mr. King stated he was asked by his employer to not discuss the matter any further. Mr. King’s Regional Director did not respond to TALON’s request for comment.


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