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By Brenda Landdeck
Special to TALON 


Cultural Arts Festival Comes to Aztec


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Photos and Story by Brenda Landdeck, Special to TALON

The Acoma Pueblo Enchantment Dancers Circle of Unity for Friendship and Peace performed at The American Indian Cultural Arts Festival at Aztec Ruins Saturday July 14. The Acoma Pueblo Enchantment Dancers worship with dance while dressed in great beauty, decorated by Mother Earth. It was a truly spectacular sight to see under Father Sky at Aztec Ruins.

The dance troupe comes from Acoma Pueblo located west of Albuquerque. Acoma is unlike any place on earth. Twenty-two years ago, a herd of wild horses raced into the setting sun between the Enchanted Mesa and Sky City, home of the White Rock People, on the Acoma Pueblo Reservation. At the time a young girl was communing with the earth practicing Sun Salutations and was spotted by the tribal police who invited her to an upcoming feast.

A beautiful peaceful harmony filled the air as drums beat and the people happily gathered and chatted in their native tongue. Friendlier people have never existed than this tribe who saw strangers on the street and brought them inside their homes to feed them. It was difficult to walk more than ten feet without another invitation to eat. The girl ate five meals. It was a Feast. The sharing of the wealth of the community was unreal and surreal. No one was greedy and gave everything from pottery to coloring books for the children. The love and unity of the people was evident in thier way of life. They live in peace and harmony with a deep respect for the earth and unbelievable goodwill towards others. At that time, no photographs of the people or the land was allowed. Images were considered too sacred to share.

These days the Acoma Pueblo Enchantment Dancers have come to share their culture that has been hidden for so many years from the public. Beautiful soulful people danced their prayers of unity and peace with love for others in their hearts, to better this country and world. It was an amazing gift. Friendship is beautiful. Peace is priceless.

Dancers Hishruma and wife Aleshia left New Mexico when he was in the service and returned knowing they needed to share their heritage to try help this world. Their five-year-old son Hunter also plays drums, sings and dances, he captures hearts with love. Dancers kindly asked people to join them in the Circle of Unity Dance on Saturday at Aztec Ruins National Park. The dancers have peaceful souls that radiate warmth to the hearts of others with the Spirit of Love. It was a great honor to photograph and talk to these fine People of the White Rock. A great privilege.

The Sky City troupe danced and prayed for the Spirits of Peace and Unity.The God of Peace and Friendship was praised as positive energy was released to all present and goodwill towards others won the spirit of the day. The Acoma Pueblo Enchantment Dancers choose to share their beautiful culture with others to help unite all people in friendship so dignity and respect. The people traveled hours to come dance and share their culture, it was an amazing great day! The troupe invited the audience to join them, passing out rattles and baskets to the people with good hearts. The rattles are to bring rain, the baskets represent prayers. The requirement for participation in the dance was a spirit of goodwill and friendship. Whooping and hollering was optional although most present participated whole heartedly.

Residents Devin and Jeremiah Young participated in the Circle of Unity Friendship Dance, agreeing to share positive energy, goodwill and smiles with others. May the Great Spirit of Love always provide and watch over these beautiful people for sharing their culture in hopes of changing the world we all live in for the better.

These types of photographs are rare and were never allowed in the past. Thank You Beautiful People of the White Rock! The American Indian Cultural Arts Festival at Aztec Ruins was beautiful because of your amazing spirits filled with love for others.


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