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By Pilar Owens



New Mexico Schoolboard Scholarship awarded L-R Fran Doby, Justis Hughs, Roger Collins

Photo and Story by Pilar Owens, TALON

About two weeks ago, 2018 AHS graduate Justis Hughs pulled over to answer a call from Dr. Hall, the principal of AHS. Dr. Hall asked her if she knew the meeting where she'd receive her scholarship was coming soon. Hughs freaked out. She knew that Ms. Olson, the AHS College and Career Counselor, had entered Hughs for a scholarship, but as time passed, Hughs forgot about it.

At the Monday night School Board Meeting she graciously received her award for the 2018 New Mexico School Board Association Scholarship. Hughs' community service especially through conservation work at Aztec Ruins, helped her to win the $1000 scholarship.

She plans to use the money for room and board at the University of Montana, where she'll be pursuing a Master's Degree with a major in Wildlife Biology and a minor in Wild Land Fire Fighting.

Hughs is grateful to many people, but especially wanted to thank Ms. Olson for her unfailing help, and Sgt. Snover, her JROTC instructor, and Dana Hawkins, the Natural Resources Manager for Aztec Ruins, for giving her opportunities to do community service.


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