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Bloomfield managed without much fanfare to pull off a great fireworks show on Thursday night, in the rain, and many citizens were able to come out and enjoy those festivities.

With the fires continuing to ravage a good portion of our neighbors, we are all still holding out for the Monsoon rains to come and put an end to one of the worst fire seasons in memory.

The past week has been one of the quietest in my family’s memory. For the first time, animals behaved normally instead of hiding in the bathtub, under beds, and in the cellar, whining non-stop as the pops and booms went off in celebration of Independence day. Banning fireworks isn’t my preference, but it did have some fringe benefits to our animals, and the risk of fire was greatly reduced from the effort.

Special thanks to the many supporters in San Juan County who continue to step up and support TALON’s mission of local news. As we move forward, remember to Shop Local, keeping the dollars in our local community, providing jobs, and revenue for our neighbors. Wall Street, Amazon, and Madison Ave. don’t need it.


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