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By Pilar Owens



Monday evening, Victor Ortega was watching TV and playing video games on his iPad in his room at Miss Gail’s Inn, when the power went out near 7pm.

“I thought it was just a bad breaker,” he said. Ortega heard one of his neighbors say they called the electric company, and that someone had crashed into a power pole in Farmington and knocked the power out.

“Maybe it was terrorists,” joked Ortega.

Actually, Farmington Utility Director Hank Adair said lightning most likely caused the fault that caused the outage. Which affected “the city of Aztec, Aztec surrounding areas, and East and North of Bloomfield” according to the Farmington Electric Utility System press release.

While a six person crew inspected 30 miles of power lines, Ortega took advantage of the dark. He started watching creepy movies on his phone, occasionally looking over his shoulder; Miss Gail’s Inn is supposed to be haunted.

About 9:30pm the power came on, just in time for Ortega to microwave his dinner.


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