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By Roxanna Hughes

AZTEC CITY COMMISSION- July 10, 2018 Meeting


Photos and Story by Roxanna Hughes, TALON

The July 10th Aztec Commission meeting began with a recognition of Larry Thrower for his thirteen years of services to the city of Aztec. Commissioner Sipe and fellow commissioners presented Mr. Thrower with a plaque of appreciation.

The Consent Agenda consisted of three items, all of which were approved. One item on the agenda was a Resolution for an agreement between the City of Aztec and the New Mexico Finance Authority for reimbursement of funds of $50,000 to city for the recently approved Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Downtown Plan.

Under Regular Business Items, the commission approved final adoption of four ordinances. The first ordinance makes an amendment to the solid waste rates. The amendment includes a 1.35 percent increase in solid waste rates requested by Transit Waste. This increase will be passed on to the customer instead of the city absorbing the cost and will be effective in the July 2018 billing.

The second ordinance creates a chapter in the Aztec City Code for establishing the Water Conservation and Drought Plan. This will enable the commission to govern the regulations of the plan and fees as well as allow the citizens to find the polices, restrictions, fees and procedures to appeal fees easier on the website.

Third on the list for final approval is an ordinance of water conservation fees to coincide with the Water Conservation and Drought Plan. According to the Staff Summary Report, the fees are separate from the Water Conservation and Drought Plan so that any changes to the fees require the City Commission’s approval through the ordinance process which allows for public input and review. This will provide transparency to the Aztec citizens. All assessed fees will be done thru the utility billing.

The final business item was the final approval on an amendment to the Mandatory Penalty and Fees; Disposition and Use of Fees ordinance. The Staff Summary report stated that the Aztec Municipal Courts in their review of Chapter 1 and consultation with the Police Department have identified minor discrepancies with some of the fees and need to update the fine amounts in Section 1-12.

During staff reports, Interim City Manager Steve Mueller stated that there will be Geo-Tourism Tour in Aztec on July 12th. Commissioners Lewis and Sipe will be attending a tour of the Animas-La Plata Project in Durango on July 18th. City Attorney Larry Thrower thanked the city and citizens for allowing him to serve as the city attorney for thirteen years. Police Chief Heal invited everyone to please attend the Sixteenth Annual National Night Out in Aztec at Minium Park on Tuesday, July 17th, from 5-7:30 pm. There will be special recognition of retired Aztec Officer Ronnie Garner who was shot in the line of duty during his tenure with the department.


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