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Last week, and time and again since December 7th, 2017, we at your local news office (TALON) have been called on to cover issues which continue to divide the community. Our often unpopular, but respected work is to bring issues to the citizens to discuss and focus on. Your TALON has suffered as businesses have exercised the power to pull advertising, backbite and gossip when we print something which disagrees with their view. I applaud the brave and dedicated writers and community members who have brought these difficult discussions to print.

This historic time has not been pleasant for these participants, nor for their families. Citizens on both sides of the many good arguments about what to do, if anything, have been passionate, thoughtful, and willing to risk greatly to push forward the debate. Hat’s off ladies and gentlemen. Someday we may all look back and thank them for their patriotism.

We live in a time when leadership seems bent on undoing basic American rights. When truth has taken a backseat to money and power. When religion is trotted out as the only right choice for teaching and government support. Freedom to Assemble, Free speech & Free press, Free religion, Freedom to bear arms, Freedom to petition government for redress, are all inescapably joined. For the first time in my adult life, the idea that our fragile and unique society is in real peril has me concerned.

Our hyper-polarized national politics do not serve you and I. They pit spouse against spouse, neighbor against neighbor, and brother against brother. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the polarization provides distraction and cover for the restriction or elimination of human rights guaranteed in our founding documents.

If the dark forces succeed, they will eliminate or restrict our rights, and all will suffer. Today, as our politicians continue to fail us, citizens in public service, police, military, and the news services stand between us and a dystopian future for our children.

Thank you for the outpouring of support from our community and advertisers which allow TALON to continue the mission. Please support those advertisers, and tell em you saw it in TALON. - J.R.


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