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Photos and Story By Pilar Owens, TALON

If you've run cross-country in the past four years, you've run past Curtis Wesner's house. Hopefully, you knew where you were going; probably, you overlooked what you were passing.

In his garage Wesner builds and services pedal start and electric start, two-stroke motorized bicycles. Wesner, 48, explained,"... I had that little bicycle... my grandpa gave me that when I was a real tiny kid, that was my bike to ride, and I've always kept it-and my friend took it to town with him-asked me if he could, and he put one of these motors here on it. This is the little pedal start two-strokes. And I got the idea from that." Wesner turned that idea into a business.

He sells motorized bikes he's made, or customers can bring their bike to him, and he might be able to convert it. Wesner can even do custom work. Customers admire Wesner's integrity.

"I ain't gonna send you a [email protected]!#* product. Not gonna do it," Wesner said. "If it ain't up to my standards, I'm not shipping it out the door." Even after the customer buys a bike, Wesner's expertise is available.

"Those motors I know inside and out, and could purty much tell you what's wrong with it purty quickly," he explained. "That's the first thing I did about ten years ago, was I tore one down, and I've built them and things like that, so, yeah, I know what I'm doin." Besides diagnosing the problem, Wesner can fix it. Once their bike is fixed, the customer can return to enjoying it.

Wesner explained, "It's an incredible feeling when you can crawl on something, and just go for a ride and be free in the wind, and you don't have to be riding a motorcycle.

Call Curtis Wesner at (970) 317-8705.


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