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By Brenda Landdeck
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Aztec Ruins Full Moon Tour last Tuesday the 26th of June was awesome and educational. Friendly Park Rangers guided two groups of visitors issued Coleman lanterns to three stations and happily answered every question asked. Lead Interpretive Ranger, Danielle York was my guide. Later I witnessed her swear a young man in as a Jr. Park Ranger. He was visiting some relatives that live locally and was loving earning badges and exploring the ruins scattered across the southwest. That was a special moment, the smile on his face and enthusiasm for learning. They explained the cycles of the moon, using children holding flashlights to be the sun as the moon literally trotted around the earth explaining why we see the full moon. A nice telescope was also on hand to see the moon a little closer. Nice volunteers ran informational stations and told great stories, my favorite was in the Great Kiva hearing the Native American creation story as the setting sun danced thru the windows and a soft drum beat in the background. The deer came out to graze along with a sweet yellow bird that sang. It was a beautiful evening for the entire family at Aztec Ruins.


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