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L-R.Little Miss Latinita SJC Brianna M Pena Begay.Miss Farmington NM Latina Yalena Vaughn.Miss Teen SJC Latina Daisy Cervantes gracefully wave to the crowd from the Latinas' parade float..

Patriotism continues in the City of Bloomfield this 4th of July from the flags that elegantly line the main drag to the melting pot that makes up the town. Parade participants lined up at City Hall where monuments inscribed with the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights stand tall.

Harley Rightmire of Bloomfield sports her patriotism riding her decked out bicycle through the parade..

2018 Miss Teen Farmington Latina Yalena Vaughn, posed in her cultural dress before joining her fellow Latinas on the float. Along the First Street parade route, the Iris Court Neighborhood proudly displayed multiple American flags at the entrance to their subdivision. Bloomfield resident, Glen Spencer, avid collector of antiques, led the parade in one of his several antique tractors. Kids rode their bicycles with red, white and blue decor reminicent of when bike riding was a childhood staple.

Although it was a small parade, the spirits of the the crowd and participants were not diminished. This is a small town 4th of July celebration containing the elements of freedom many Americans treasure. Freedom to be who we are no matter our culture or color. Freedom to run for office and to be a catalyst for change. Freedom to be proud of our beauty, and being female. Freedom for kids to be able to have fun riding their bicycles down the street. Freedom of the press to take pictures of any parade in America. But most of all, freedom to walk up to Bloomfield City Hall, read our Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, to gain full knowledge of what this country was founded upon and why.


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