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By Angela Watkins
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Are you spending too much time on the Web? Find out with this fun quiz!


Are you spending too much time on the Web? Find out with this fun quiz!

Are you addicted to the Web? Has your time online spun out of control? Do you feel that your Internet use has become unmanageable? Take this quiz to see if you are addicted to the Internet.

1. Do you use your time on the Web as a way to escape your problems?

a) Sometimes. It's fun to escape for a little while.

b) Never. I try not to get involved in a fantasy world.

c) Yes. I use the Web to ignore problems, negative feelings, and difficult issues

2. How much online time do you need every day to be happy?

a) It seems like I need more time every day. I am never satisfied.

b) I don't need that much time. I get on and get off.

c) It really depends on what I am doing, but most of the time I am happy with the amount of time I spend online.

3. Are you able to stop or start your time on the Web successfully and appropriately?

a) I do what I need to do and get off, no problem.

b) Sometimes I have a hard time because the Web is just so fun!

c) I find it extremely difficult to ration my time on the Web, and even though I have tried to modify my use, I have not been successful.

4. Do you find yourself minimizing the amount of time you spend online to other people?

a) No, I am pretty honest about my time. I don't have anything to hide.

b) I definitely fudge the amount of time I spend online. People would think I was addicted!

c) Sometimes I might fib about it, but very rarely.

5. If you are not able to utilize the Web, how do you react?

a) I shrug my shoulders and do something else.

b) I get very restless and irritable, and my concentration suffers.

c) I try to get online through other methods: mobile device, public wifi, etc.

6. How strong is your desire to get on the Web?

a) Extremely strong: I can't go one day without it.

b) Moderately strong: I don't have to be on all day, every day.

c) Somewhat strong. I enjoy it, but if I miss a day, no worries.

7. Have you neglected your interests, recreational activities, or social obligations because of your time online?

a) Yes. I have decreased all activities in my life that do not relate to my time online.

b) My time on the Web sometimes conflicts with my real life.

c) No. I keep my online time and my real life time separate.

8. If you felt that your time online was spinning out of control, would you do something about it?

a) Yes. Life is too short.

b) Even if my life was negatively affected in some way, I still would not stop getting online.

c) I would evaluate what was going on, and eventually I might do something about it.

9. What do you do first thing in the morning?

a) Have my coffee or tea

b) Watch the news

c) Log on to the Web

10. Has your social, academic, or work life suffered because of your time on the Web?

a) Yes. I am getting increasingly concerned about my life off the Web, but not enough to do anything about it.

b) Maybe a little bit, but if I catch it, I correct it immediately.

c) Of course not. I value my social, academic, or work life too much to let it suffer


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