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By Jacque Ritchie



Aztec Mayor Snover discusses community concerns and positives with those gathered at the Mayors Chat.

Mayor Victor Snover sauntered into the 550 Brewery around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday toting a hand-made 'Meet The Mayor' sign. Surprised patrons turned as the Mayor introduced himself and asked, how everyone was doing, "I'm here to talk about whatever is on your mind even if it's dog poop." Snover explained that he had recently recieved an e-mail from a resident complaining about a neighbor who owned several dogs but only picked-up the waste once a month and the smell could get really bad. Snover said he referred the resident to animal control and told them to let him know what happened with the smelly situation.

Folks began filing in, some were there for the craft beer, some came to participate in the 'Sip and Paint' Element art group and about a dozen people showed up to meet Snover, who began dragging up chairs to accomodate the over-flow. "I've already doubled my attendance from last month," Snover said. The discussion began with the usual get-to-know you small-talk, like from where one hails, childhood memories, and food favorites, the veterans in the group talked about their common experiences, and grandparents described the joys of that role.

The free-wheeling conversation circled around to local issues. "The things that are important to you are important to me, that's what I'm here for," Snover said. Snover talked about the proposed curb-side recycling program discussed in a June 26 workshop with City Commissioners, "Recycling is a cause that I am very interested in going forward with...We have a local recycling center and that is a step in the right direction, but anything to make it (recycling) more convenient will mean that more people will participate."

Another subject that piqued interest was the possibility of moving the Farmers Market from the Westside Plaza to the parking area between city hall and the museum. Everyone seemed to agree that a more inviting location for the market would be a positive change. One resident pointed-out Aztec has so many wonderful aspects, "We just need to use what we have, better."

Resident Jessica Anderson had a bone or two to pick with the Mayor showing pictures on her phone of a large garage/shop that had been erected in her Fairgrounds Street neighborhood saying, "This type of structure has no business in a residential area." Anderson also expressed concern about nieghboring houses that were falling into disrepair and the unwelcome possiblity of mobile homes moving in. Snover listened intently saying, "A lot of things that irritate you would irritate me too, like if I spend $200,000 on a house I sure don't want a junk yard around the corner." Discussion about code compliance followed, and possible solutions. Anderson told TALON, "I kinda thought we'd be on the same page, that's why I came...I am satisfied that he (Snover) heard me and will work to tidy things up."

As the gathering began winding down Snover said that since taking office, "I have really come to appreciate the city staff they are an amazing group of dedicated peole... I certainly have a better view now about how hard they work and how under-appreciated they are."

Check the TALON for future dates and times to hang-out with the mayor.


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