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The Opioid Crisis is all over the news. And it should be. This crisis has affected our children, parents, families, friends and communities.

Many efforts are being taken to curb the crisis; we’ll see which are effective and how effective they turn out to be. San Juan County Partnership believes that the focus of our attention should be on preventing drug use in the first place.

One of the ways that we can do that is by closely monitoring prescription drugs that are in our homes. Unfortunately, family members or visitors to our homes may take our legally prescribed drugs to use illegally, either by themselves or by selling or giving them to others. Often, this is where drug abuse begins for some people.

What you can do: Keep a list of your medications and make sure that the right number of pills are in the bottles per the dosage prescribed; keep your prescription drugs locked up—yes, locked up—if at all possible, if not, keep them where you can monitor access by others; take expired or unused medications to a take back box or properly discard them—you can find how to do that on the internet.

Please take precautions now, so that we don’t continue to add people to this serious crisis.

Pamela Drake, Farmington


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