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By Pilar Owens


Imagine living in a tent on a sandy hill overlooking a turquoise lake with slapping waves, and dancing green trees and reeds. Prepare to make that dream a reality.


Councilor Janis Jakino, Mayor Nate Duckett, and Director Cory Styron, join members of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce Red Coats At The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Friday.

Last Friday, Farmington Mayor Nate Duckett officially cut the ribbon for the campground at Lake Farmington.

Before the ceremony Mayor Duckett; Farmington Councilor Janis Jakino; and Farmington Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, Cory Styron, gave speeches. Styron thanked everyone present. Among other topics, he explained the money aspects of the campground. It cost about $175,000 and was partly funded by standing gross receipts. Camping costs $10 a night or $7 with an annual lake pass. Styron also said there are 5 RV spaces at the campgrounds. Councilor Jakino declared "we live in a gorgous area." Mayor Duckett explained that "there was a large call from the community" for camping at the lake.

Styron, a lifelong outdoor enthusiasts who made a career of his passion, told the TALON construction started August 2017. Parks and Rec. staff did most of the work.

First Tent Pitched At New Campground.

Mayor Duckett thinks "everybody in the region" can use the campsite as a "base camp" from which they can go out and experience all the cultural and outdoor attractions of this area. He commented that the campground is "very family friendly and affordable," and mentioned plans to take his son camping there.

Warren Unsicker, also a husband, father, and outdoor enthusiast, told the TALON, "We (Farmington) are the center of adventure for the region." Styron agrees.

"Out of the top 10 outdoor activities," he said, "you can do all 10 within a 90 mile radius of Farmington, with the exception of saltwater fishing."

TALON encourages you to visit the lake for more camping rules and details, and sends you off with the words of Councilor Jakino in her speech on Friday, "Here's to bugspray and smores!"


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