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By Pilar Owens


06.26.18 MEETING


Aztec City Commissioners Mark Lewis, Austin Randall, Victor Snover, Rosalyn Fry, and Sherri Sipe rolled through the agenda Tuesday night. At 6:03 Snover called the meeting to order and asked for roll call. City Clerk Karla Sayler reminded him to do the invocation and pledges first. The Commissioners unanimously approved the agenda, and moved on to Employee Recognition. Interim City Manager Steven Mueller thanked the Employee Association Committee members for the company picnic, and Fry thanked Delain George for answering her questions. Next, the Commissioners unanimously approved the Consent Agenda, and moved on to Citizen Input. First, Susan Aguirre voiced her concern about the hazardous crosswalk at the stoplight next to her flower shop, then Ms. Harvel voiced frustration about citations she and several of her neighbors received about where they parked their boats. Sipe, Lewis, Randall, Fry, and Snover gave brief reports, as did Aztec Police Chief Mike Heal, and Director of Community Development Steven Saavedra. The meeting adjourned at 6:34.


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