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Last weeks AZTECSTRONGSJC Day at Sunray Park & Casino in memory of Casey Jordon was overwhelmingly successful due to support by local businesses and community involvement.


Last weeks AZTECSTRONGSJC Day at Sunray Park & Casino in memory of Casey Jordon was overwhelmingly successful due to support by local businesses and community involvement.

The San Juan College $500 Scholarships donated by San Juan College were Awarded to:

Skylar Hoosier - Aztec High School, Tyanna Begay - Aztec High School, Kaitlyn Schneider - Aztec High School, Darbee Iverson - Bloomfield High School/Homeschool

The Casey Jordan $500 Scholarship donated by Casey's family was Awarded to: Skylar Hoosier - Aztec High School

The Daniel Triston $500 Scholarship donated by Daniel (Casey's brother) was Awarded to Trenny Turner - Piedra Vista High School

AZTECSTRONGSJC Scholarships were raised through donations and a raffle, then money was split equally between recipients. Although this scholarship was anticipated to only be about $300, after all proceeds were counted, each of these students have been awarded $1,200 each. Two scholarships were planning to be awarded to students from each of the ten San Juan County High Schools. Only one student from Rocinante participated, while there were no students from Kirtland nor Shiprock High Schools applying for any of these "name ranadomly drawn from a box" scholarships. Congratulations to the following students on your $1,200 scholarships.

Tyanna Begay - Aztec High School, Brianne Tinsdale - Aztec High School, Daphne Maez - Bloomfield High School, Christina Meechan - Farmington High School, Madeline Wilson - Farmington High School, Chase Maxwell - Piedra Vista High School, Adrianna Miller - Piedra Vista High School, Eli Garcia - Rocinante High School

The total amount raised at this event was $15,065.35 with an intitial goal of $6,000. $1500 paid the attorney fee to set up the non-profit AZTECSTRONGSJC. $682.50 was to purchase the embroidered sponsorship blankets awarded to the winning horse of each of the 10 races on Saturday, June 16th at Sunray Park and Casino. These blankets were sponsored by Aztec Machine & Repair, Graceland 4 Corners, SJC Sheriff's Dept. Employees, Mesa Sand & Gravel, Farmington Gymnastics Academy, Just Us Kids, Casey Jordan & Daniel Triston, Mama Foster's Catering, Horace Nissan, and Reliable Escrow Service.

Greatly appreciated donations and sponsorship were provided by TALON, Tim Cox, Gobernador Canyon Ranch, Presidential Inn and Suites, Mesa Sand & Gravel, Farmington Gymnastic Academy, James Bruce Ashcroft, Skin Ink Tattoo, Float & Fish, Rainbow Lodge, Sky Stone Ranch, Aztec Animal Shelter, Feat of Clay, Salmon Ruins, Wonderful House, Abode Furnishings, Expert Archery, 116 Studio, BR Homestead, B&B Cleaning, Lost In the Moment Photography, Shelly's Hair Studio 205, Ace Farm & Ranch of Bloomfield, A&W, Bowlero Lanes, City Barber, Adjusted Chiropractic, Weeds Hair Salon, Dazzle for a Dollar, Wizzard Scissors, Vitage Mirror Salon, Dairy Queen, Blue Diamond Car Wash, Big O Tires, Dickey's BBQ, Serious Texas BBQ, Lil Aztec Flower Shop, Compassionate Hearts, Aztec Ruins, Delta DeMain, Tracey Fischer, Step Back Inn, Debra Cugnini, Budweiser, Aztec Feed, Sunland Tack, and Fast Lane Toys.

Donations and raffle items are already being recieved for the 2nd Annual event scheduled for sometime in May of 2019. If you would like to contribute please Contact Vice- President Levi Bridge at 505-947-4227 or Wanda Johnston P.O. Box 75, Aztec, NM 87410 or by email at [email protected]


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