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We promised you this article last week, but somehow it didn’t make the press. Our apology, here ‘tis.

On June 12, City of Aztec passed the following Burn and Fireworks Resolution:

Open Fire and Fireworks Ban

The City of Aztec Commission passed Resolution 2018-1084 which implements an Emergency Ban on Open Fires and Fireworks. That means the following:


1. Open burning, including burning of crop land, fields, range land debris burning, slash piles, prescribed burning or weed burning.

2. Campfires except where cooking or heating devices use kerosene, gas or propane as a fuel in an improved area that is clear of flammable vegetation for at least 30 feet or within a residential yard. Within a residential yard, charcoal may be utilized in a cooking device. However, charcoal may not be disposed of in any fashion until the charcoal is cool enough to handle with bare hands.

3. Smoking is prohibited except in enclosed buildings, within vehicles equipped with ash trays, or on paved or surface roads or within a private yard; provided, however, that cigarette butts and cigar butts must be extinguished in ash trays.

4. The use of fireworks is prohibited within Aztec City limits. This includes the following fireworks:


1. Fires in camp stoves or grills, fueled by bottled gas or pressurized liquid, and specifically designed for cooking or heating purposes.

2. Fires in permanently constructed stationary masonry or metal fireplaces specifically designed for the purpose of combustion.

3. Fires in commercially operated wood and/or charcoal fired grills designed for cooking. These are classified as “contained open fires”.

4. The following Fireworks are allowed:

• Ground/Handheld Sparkling & Smoke Devices • Cone Fountains

• Crackling Devices

• Cylindrical Fountains

• Flitter Sparklers

• Ground Spinners

• Illuminating Torches

• Toy Smoke Devices

• Wheels (stationary/small radius)

Aerial Devices

• Aerial Spinners

• Helicopters

• Mines

• Missile-type Rockets

• Roman Candles

• Shells

• Stick-type rockets

Ground Audible Devices • Chasers

• Fire Crackers

5. All devices using internal combustion engines must have proper spark arrestor installed. “Hot” vehicles must not be parked off pavement in areas with combustible vegetation.

6. Cutting or grinding metal or using a welder, either arc or gas operating acetylene or other torch with open flame, except in areas cleared of flammable materials at least 10 feet in diameter and equipped with a chemical pressurized fire extinguisher of not less than 10 pounds capacity.

7. Discharging, using or possessing any combustible or explosive composition.

8. Operating a chainsaw without a USDA or SAE approved spark arrestor properly installed and working and having a chemical fire extinguisher on site of not less than 10 pounds capacity.

9. The burning of rubbish, which has been illegal in the State of New Mexico since 2003 per State statute.


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