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By Roxanna Hughes



The Aztec City Commission has determined for the safety of its citizens and property that a ban on open fires and some fireworks be implemented until the dry drought conditions have changed. According to Interim City Manager, Steve Mueller, “It is against state law to ban all fireworks but we are allowed to ban certain ones.” Those fireworks that are not allowed to be used inside Aztec city limits are as follows: Aerial Devices such as Aerial Spinners, Helicopters, Mines, Missile-type Rockets, Roman Candles, Shells, and Stick-type rockets. Banned ground audible devices consist of Chasers and Fire Crackers. Fireworks allowed in the City of Aztec are Ground/Handheld Sparkling & Smoke Devices, Cone Fountains, Crackling Devices, Cylindrical Fountains, Flitter Sparkers, Ground Spinners, Illuminating Torches, Toy Smoke Devices and Wheels (stationary/small radius).

The Aztec Police Department will be issuing appropriate citations and all illegal fireworks will be seized. Fines for violation of the ban of open fires and fireworks are: $100.00 for the first offense; $250.00 for the second offense within sixty (60) days of the first offense; and $500.00 for each additional offense within sixty (60) days of the first offense. Violators are also a subject to the mandatory municipal court fees. To report a violation, please call the non-emergency Police and Fire Dispatch number 505-334-6622. If there are any questions regarding the ban on open burning and fireworks, call the Aztec Police Department at 505-566-7601.

Please be safe this summer and considerate of others, including veterans and those affected by the Aztec High School shooting. Make sure that children are not left unattended with fireworks and that all fireworks are set off on paved surfaces clear of grass, weeds and dry foliage. Let’s try and give our Firefighters, Police Officers and other First Responders a break this dry, hot season.


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