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By J.R. Sykes



I would like to thank the good citizens who’ve stepped up to support TALON with advertising, classifieds, and subscriptions over the past weeks. As you know, TALON operates on a a shoestring budget made entirely from these sources, providing the news Free to readers. Your investments in the future of TALON are also an investment in the future of Aztec and the wider community. Talon reaches about 45,000 weekly readers serving citizens from Shiprock to Ignacio and Aztec / Bloomfield to LaPlata gathering the happenings that affect both county and city dwellers. Helping TALON meet budget helps us publish far and wide the things that grow a community, as well as focus voters on community news of importance.

I’d also like to thank the readers who gave feedback regarding our recent online subscription pricing. We Listened! As a result of this feedback, TALON has reduced the annual online subscription rate to less than a dollar a month. We hope this will encourage wider participation.

I commend the City of Aztec leadership and staff for forward thinking when enacting the burn ban at the recent city meeting. Taking this action may very well save lives and property this season. Good Work !

Talk about town reveals a desire for more voter involvement in city decision making from citizens and business owners. When the question was posed, a clear desire exists to better understand the issues coming before the Aztec City Commission prior to items being voted on.

The City currently releases Commission Agenda’s, according to law, 72 hours prior to a meeting. The agenda release is currently either on the same day, or after the day when TALON prints a weekly edition, (unintentionally) preventing writing on the issues at TALON prior to a meeting or vote. I believe this reduces engagement and discussion among voters, but with a little planning this could be resolved.

After looking into the situation, I believe its mostly timing. It takes time to develop and produce in depth local reports like this, and time to plan the Commission workings in advance. I have suggested this could be addressed through TALON reporting on items planned for Commission Votes in advance of that vote. This would require the Commission release an agenda much much earlier than current process.

Today, TALON readers, I call on Aztec City Hall to look at the process and see if we can work together to get this information to TALON, and out to the public several weeks earlier than the current process allows.

Contact your Commission members, make your voice heard.

Thank you, J.R. Sykes, TALON


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